Friday, June 02, 2006

AA or AAA?

I am one of those members of Alcohol Anonymous. I also drive a car and I am a little miffed about the high gas prices. I began thinking about driving and recovery. My road to recovery is like driving on a highway. I encounter rocks, boulders and things that are on the road that hinder my travels. These rocks and boulders are of course obsticales to my recovery like doubt, anger, and well, you name it. I avoid these obsticales and they get smaller and smaller as I begin to proceed down the road. On the smooth road I can enjoy the little stop overs that are like roadside rests. I can enjoy a stop for ice cream, or a water park or a beautiful scene. I can really embrace the good stuff on the highway. These little stops are my serenity, acceptance, love and respect I have from my fellow AA members and people I encounter.

I must be careful not to dwell in the rearview mirror because I will lose sight of the road ahead by continually looking backwards. My gas is the serenity gas which are the 12 steps, traditions, and the good things AA teaches. If I break down my AAA is AA. I must beware of the potholes. They are avoided by not driving too fast and being aware of the dangers that can lurk in the roads. Instead of "Curves, deer, or danger signs up ahead." I see "Yield to Sobriety signs like, "Danger Drinkin Thinkin up Ahead." When I am done driving before I exit the car I turn to my navigator, my Higher Power, and say a special thanks for the help. Well, good driving to you too!


Cascata said...

That is a very nice post. Good luck in recovery.

selmer said...

there coming to get you chumly