Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Moving in a Chevy, don't know when I will blog again.

Moving days are not fun days in my book. My book is called "Chumly's Book." I haven't published it yet, nor have I written much in it. Once in awhile I write things in it like. "Moving days are not fun." Then I put it in the book for a later quote to use in a post.

Do you have a book of your own? Your rules or thoughts or writings? Some people call it journaling or posting, blogging, writing in a Diary. While other people don't write down anything at all and just make things up as they go along. What kind of person are you?

Then there are the "readers" of these diaries or whaterver. They are like the Peeping Toms of the writing world. These are the people that spend actual money to buy these writings of others. They are the good part of the writers world.

Well, enough of trying to put off moving and writing this stuff.

So, if you see a 1995 beat up White Chevy SUV type truck with a bunch of junk in it.
It is not going to the Salvation Army, or a thief running away with stuff stolen from a neighbor's house. It is just Simply me, Simply Chumly, Simply Moving.


Johann said...

I am the kind of person who makes it up as I go along. I wish you would post more often, but I figure you've got your reasons. I think I saw your Chevy the other day, and I'm pretty sure the tags were out of date.

Keep it simply chumly.

Lynn said...

I am the type of person that has that thought that burns my soul at the most inopertune moment. I will awake in the middle of the night and I have to write the thought or I am plagued and cannot sleep again.
I usually end up talking to myself if an idea is running in my head for a post.
Now my stories are written in linear form. A single train of thought built upon as I write. This is the most difficult way to write fiction.
If I write travel-logs I write them linear and in prose.
If I write a really hair raising piece of fiction it will be done in branch platform planning. Sort of like like a flowchart crossed with a "family tree".