Friday, June 09, 2006

Just don't know............

I know I want to write something that would get your attention. I can't seem to think up anything at the moment, so I will sit here and write until something comes across.

That Al Z guy in Iraq got hit with a couple of 500 or so lb. bombs and it was pretty unhealthy for him in that he died. Everyone is probably talking about that, so that is not new.

I have a spur in my foot, not the shiney metal cowboy kind. It hurts, but only when I walk or put pressure on my foot or look at it funny. I figured out how to coordinate my hand and feet, so when I draw a circle with my right hand I can move my feet right or left, sometimes, in the opposite direction. Don't waste your time with that though, it might give you a headache or motion sickness.

It is repeat time on the TV shows. Summer usually does that. Before VCR's you could watch the shows you could not watch because you were watching another show and it made your summer TV watching a little more fun. With the VCR you can record every show and watch it when you want. Like no body thought that one out either. At least with the re-runs I can get outside more. If it ever stops raining. Not that walking in the rain is not as much fun as singing in the rain. It is just that it isn't.

Thinking about joining a health club so I can eat more pizza. On a really really booring day, popping pimples isn't as much fun as it use to be. I don't know why I shared that but it is a pretty disgusting thing. It would be better not to have pimples at all. But then again what would one pop?

PS. I wrote some more stuff, but deleted it. See I do respect my readers afer all.

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Johann said...

What to say..... I was wondering why more people don't post daily.

I wrote something yesterday about al-Z. I figured it would be lost in a sea of posts about the subject, but strangely it wasn't. None of the blogs that I follow covered it.

I think it's ok to get on the band wagon, when you really like the song.