Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I win again!

I like to play mind games with myself. The best thing is, I make up the rules and I always win.

The first thing I noticed about myself, even as a child, was my imagination. I love it. When I go to the store I am not just going to buy bread or milk. I am anyone I want to be. Sometimes I am a movie star, in-cog-neat-o. I pretend I am bigger than Brad Pitt and I need some ice cream. Wearing dark sun glasses helps the image and it is more fun when you are in the store. Once in awhile I even give out an autograph to some confused person I meet. I don't do this often because I want to have fun not be put away.

On long auto trips I am a rock star going to my concert. I have a gig to play and I am prepairing while in the car. Singing along with my favorite CD helps. Once in awhile, on a long trip, I am a comedian or a public speaker and I practice my jokes or wise sage like sayings I will amaze the pretend audience I will be addressing.

In a booring situation, like waiting in a Doctors office or just in some line waiting. I have great synaptic firing adventures lighting up my brain imagined activities. I pretend some great sexy person, (your choice could be made even better since it could be male, female, animal or alien), comes into the office. They are looking for me, I am James Bond waiting for my contact in the Doctor's Office. Although I liked the Birdcage Movie and have fun with that, the sexy person is usually female. Since it is all in my thoughts there are no bounderies. This may be confusing to the reader so to make it clearer......well that's confusing since it is my imagination we are talking about; so forget the "lets make it clearer idea" and start a new paragraph.

The toughest think for me is getting to sleep at night because of my over active cerebral activities. Thinking gets me a restless night but pretending gets me sleep.
I like fairy tales and fantasy, suprise, and delving into another world while laying in darkness helps.

I guess all these words amount to what I want to say which is this. The unreal real in ones life can be the next adventure in a real unreal world. I could not say this or that but! That which we can't imagine, is lost never to exist. That which we CAN imagine can be good as long as we do not imagine badly. We could also say some other thing which can be something like: The solitude of ones mind is a private room which no one can enter or be allowed unless the visitor can imagine the world of the imaginer.

Better yet! Just imagine for yourself. That would be better than anything I can think up or imagine for you.


Johann said...

OK, chumly. I sometimes imagine I'm a rock star when I blast the stereo in my house. I have even done a duet with my dog. But I've never signed an autograph. As a child my bike was an airplane that I would fly over the street. The driveway was my landing strip. As an adult, my biggest game of imagination is when I buy a lottery ticket.

Lynn said...

I had an imaginary life turn into real life.
I have always been famous in my own mind.
But about 10 yrs ago I took my Sons to Montreal for a holiday. We stayed downtown in the Swanky Bonneventure Hotel. We took the "Metro"(subway) to all the sights. Everywhere we went the men all over town stared at me. And the strangest thing occurred. Every time I went to purchase tickets...for the metro, the museum, the Olympic stadioum, the butterfly conservatory, the zoo, and planet hollywood I got stared at and then given transportation, admission, and VIP status for free EVERYWHERE! I asked my friend from Montreal, "Do I look like a famous french singer or actress?" He said, "No!...you are the purest image of their most famous stripper!"

Lynn said...

mentioned you in my post today too!

maarmie said...

Are you insane? In any event, it's nice to see someone post something really true about themselves, no matter how odd sounding or bizarre. In the grocery store, I often dance and sing along with the overhead music and put on a little show for the other shoppers. It makes people smile, and I get all the attention I crave. It's win-win!

the sabra said...

"Once in awhile I even give out an autograph to some confused person I meet. I don't do this often because I want to have fun not be put away."

love that