Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just thinking.

Mavis is a lady and has blond hair. Then all ladies named Mavis have blond hair.

Which could be true, because I don't know too many ladies named Mavis. In fact I don't know anyone named Mavis with or without blond hair. I just made up the name because I was thinking about the above brain question that is suppose to help me think rationally. So, since I do not know any Mavis's let me rewrite the question.

Today George Bush is president of the United States. Today all the presidents of the United States are named George Bush.

Got myself again I think.

John is a human being and alive. All people named John will live until they die.

Ok. I know that this is not making sense again.

Well! So much for rational thinking. What I am trying to do is get myself to not fall into a trap. The trap would be something that would relate someone to one thing and then relating that one thing to everyone else, or not.

What can I say this is what insomnia does to me sometimes. I write confusing thoughts when I am tired. Therefore anyone who is tired and writes without sleep can write scattered thoughts.

I give up. Have a nice day and if you figure out what I am trying to say, please drop me a note. One more thing if you meet anyone named Mavis let me know if she has blond hair. Thanks.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Easter Parade

I like parades. As a young child I remember the song, "Easter Parade." A great little tune about spring and people dressing up and, well, it was just a joyfull little song. I thought about this while watching a movie about a Serial Killer in Korea.

In this movie, the people in this town in Korea, were lined up to see a parade come by with their president in it. It reminded me of the parades we see in New York around Easter, St. Patrick's day and other parade occasions. They, the Korean people, all looked happy standing around waiting for this president to come. The year was around 1983 or 1986. I am not sure but around that time. I did not know if it was North or South Korea. Just Korea.


Someone yells here comes the president. All of a sudden they show a lone armored vehicle coming down the street and everyone starts to yell, throw rocks and flaming bottles at the armored vehicle. It had everything a parade would have had except I did not see the balloon vendor that usually hangs around parades. So after the parade I do not know if the kids got balloons or not.

Now, here in the U.S.A. we don't normally throw rocks or flaming bottles, but then again the president is rarely in any of the parades anyway. Yes, and we do have a balloon vendor.

So I was just thinking about other countries that have parades and what their parades are usually like. Different cultures, different traditional parade activities I guess.

So tell me about your parade traditions. I really would not mind hearing about them.

Oh! Don't forget not to Passover Easter, thanks.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Veteran Health Care

How to navigate the Veteran Health Care System for Disabled Veterans and Veterans that use the Veteran Health Care System.

For 911 emergencies. The Veterans calls the hospital then puts on his old uniform. The Veteran then must lay in his or her yard and scream MEDIC at the top of his lungs until help arrives. Once the helicopter comes the veteran will firmly secure him/herself into the basket.

For regular appointments the veterans must get there early. The veteran will be waited on by other disabled veterans who are hard of hearing, a little blind, with a touch of arthritis, to wait on all Veterans.

After standing in line for about 5 to 10 minutes or an hour. The Veteran can talk to the other Veteran patients. Most Veterans swap war stories about the Korean War, World War II, WWI, Vietnam, Civil and Spanish American Wars.

Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm and Iraq War Veterans are considered rookies and will learn the proper way to enhance their experiences by listening to the above Veterans stories of older conflicts.

Veterans in wheel chairs are the best people for information about past altercations with other countries. Notice how Veterans argue and disagree about their outfits, units, companies, ships, etc. they served in. Common arguments consist of how their duty stations were more dangerous than anyone else's. Sometimes wheel chair Veterans play chicken in their wheel chairs to settle arguments in the hallways. This is especially interesting because usually their legs have no feeling and the crashes they create are better than the ones in NASCAR.

It is also not uncommon to see people on crutches arguing with the wheel chair Vets and sometimes they end up pulling the air tubes out of each others machines.

Be aware that a young woman is usually not a nurse but a relative of the Veteran helping him spend his benefit monies.

If a Veteran argues with a receptionist, secretary, doctor or nurse. The security staff will intervene and the Veteran must wait an extra hour for his medication in the Pharmacy. If the Veterans causes a serious situation he must return his meds and come back the next day to retrieve them from the Pharmacy.

No VA Doctor is an American Citizen. Most are all interns training to be doctors. Sometimes the doctor is a Veteran of the same War the Veteran was in, but unfortunately the doctor was on the side the Veteran was fighting against. So it is with the up-most importance that the Veterans be friendly to all senior medical personnel.

The Veterans should be able to understand Eastern, Asian, European and the language the Doctors from India speak.

The Veteran does not have to worry about parking in handicapped spaces because all the parking spaces are handicapped.

In Pennsylvania, Transportation is provided to all veterans with cancer to go to Philadelphia and New York and get treatment. The local VA hospitals do not provide these services so be prepared to travel 3 to 4 hours one way for a half hour treatment. The bus usually leaves for NY or Philadelphia at 5 or 6 in the morning and then leaves NY or Philadelphia 4 or 5 in the afternoon. This is so that the Veteran will be tired and sleep in the bus so Veteran will be quiet for the entire trip. Extra medication is given for the return trip.

In a waiting room at the Va hospital never ever assume that the Veteran sitting next to you is sleeping. Check his pulse every 10 or so minutes to be sure he is not having a heart attack or stroke.

Veterans with behavioral problems and are a constant annoyance to staff will be automatically sent to the Walter Reed Facility.

Enjoy your stay at the VA and remember that there are HMO's out there that could be far worse.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Loss for words

The strange and wonderous thing about life is that it is strange and wonderous. Bizzare and wierd can be thrown into the mix or recipe of life, I suppose. Which can be amusing to some and horrific to others.

Life goes on the way life goes on. We turn the clocks back in Autumn and ahead in or near Spring. Why? Why not everyone else does. If we don't, it would just make our lives difficult and we would never be on time.

That is not what I am writing about. I wanted to write something profound, funny and important enough for people to remember my words. I failed.

I did learn that it is important to not just empty the frozen food bag of food into the bowl and then nuke it in a microwave. I learned to check the bag because the gravy is in another bag inside the original bag. That little gravy bag has to be thawed then opened and mixed in with the frozen vegetables and frozen meat or pasta then cooked. I forgot about that little gravy bag and nuked everything all together. The little gravy bag melted a little and well, I should not have eaten it. I now prefer the flu to food poisoning any day.

Maybe next time I can write something profound, funny and important. Until then I am going to stick to fast foods like McDonald's, pizza, or sandwich places like Subway for awhile and forget the frozen foods.

Any one else out there have food stories, feel free to share with me. I also learned before you cook a turkey. You have to take out a bag that has a neck and stuff in it before cooking that hidden bag also.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Days to delete.

Did you ever enter a swim meet and loose your swimming trunks during the race? Did you ever walk your daughter down the isle when she got married and find out afterwords that your zipper was wide open? Did you ever stand in a tree stand while hunting. Shoot a double barrel shot gun and end up laying under the tree stand in pain? Did you ever enter a bar the next day after a night of drinking and everyone stands up and gives you a standing ovation? Did you ever pull over for an ambulance while driving. Light up a not so legal smoke, roll down the window and blow smoke into the State Troopers face that just pulled you over for running a stop sign?

I have.

These are the days I would have liked to delete in my life. Unfortunately the memories of these experiences pop up like pimples on the end of my nose; in my brain now and then. Memories I really don't like to remember, but there they are.

I have stopped drinking and smoking, over 17 years now, but still things continue to happen. I have lost jobs by joking with my bosses. Like the time I told my boss how much fun it was sneaking stuff past the guards, while working in a prison. The time I chased an Austic child threw the woods. He did not like to wear clothes, took them all off and streaked thru his neighborhood. As I tried to catch him and get him redressed the Security Guards watched and thought I was chasing him for criminal reasons.

Did you ever have one of those days? Please let me know. Hopefully it will cheer me up knowing I am not the only one who has had days that need to be deleted, changed, forgotten, fixed or just wished never happened.