Friday, March 23, 2007

Easter Parade

I like parades. As a young child I remember the song, "Easter Parade." A great little tune about spring and people dressing up and, well, it was just a joyfull little song. I thought about this while watching a movie about a Serial Killer in Korea.

In this movie, the people in this town in Korea, were lined up to see a parade come by with their president in it. It reminded me of the parades we see in New York around Easter, St. Patrick's day and other parade occasions. They, the Korean people, all looked happy standing around waiting for this president to come. The year was around 1983 or 1986. I am not sure but around that time. I did not know if it was North or South Korea. Just Korea.


Someone yells here comes the president. All of a sudden they show a lone armored vehicle coming down the street and everyone starts to yell, throw rocks and flaming bottles at the armored vehicle. It had everything a parade would have had except I did not see the balloon vendor that usually hangs around parades. So after the parade I do not know if the kids got balloons or not.

Now, here in the U.S.A. we don't normally throw rocks or flaming bottles, but then again the president is rarely in any of the parades anyway. Yes, and we do have a balloon vendor.

So I was just thinking about other countries that have parades and what their parades are usually like. Different cultures, different traditional parade activities I guess.

So tell me about your parade traditions. I really would not mind hearing about them.

Oh! Don't forget not to Passover Easter, thanks.


daverichards said...

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Aprendiz said...


You've posted on my blog "Chá Inglês"...

yet, it's not ready... i'm working on its layout.

who r u?

Aprendiz said...


I'm from Brazil, so I don't speak English very well.

Nice to meet u, you're welcome on my blog.


Dan said...

Bonjour, ça va ?