Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just thinking.

Mavis is a lady and has blond hair. Then all ladies named Mavis have blond hair.

Which could be true, because I don't know too many ladies named Mavis. In fact I don't know anyone named Mavis with or without blond hair. I just made up the name because I was thinking about the above brain question that is suppose to help me think rationally. So, since I do not know any Mavis's let me rewrite the question.

Today George Bush is president of the United States. Today all the presidents of the United States are named George Bush.

Got myself again I think.

John is a human being and alive. All people named John will live until they die.

Ok. I know that this is not making sense again.

Well! So much for rational thinking. What I am trying to do is get myself to not fall into a trap. The trap would be something that would relate someone to one thing and then relating that one thing to everyone else, or not.

What can I say this is what insomnia does to me sometimes. I write confusing thoughts when I am tired. Therefore anyone who is tired and writes without sleep can write scattered thoughts.

I give up. Have a nice day and if you figure out what I am trying to say, please drop me a note. One more thing if you meet anyone named Mavis let me know if she has blond hair. Thanks.


Rajeev said...

Chumly has got a very good blog. & all blogs which look gud are owned by chumly :D
I donno if that makes any sense :P
lol! thanx for ur comment upon mah blog.
Do keep comin back.
btw i'll link ur blog. i hope u dont have any prblm wid that!!

Peace & Love

Oceanne said...

Thanks "John" for your comment, no confusing minds when it comes to erase your fears!
I have a funny picture on my site for that.
YOU make your day!

Fare well

French Bloggerine

Flawed & Disorderly said...

I don't know if all Mavis's are blond, but I know all Mavis's wear camel toe cups.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

This is a logical syllogism. I actually teach these to my fourth graders.
4th grade example:
All lions roar.
Aslan is a lion.
Aslan roars.

Infantile humor example:
All girls who wear pants that are too tight have "CT"
Mavis' pants are too tight
Mavis has "CT"

There are just so many variations!

Hitesh Sahni said...

well , I would like to say that do not drink too much tea or coffee before writing your posts.

Mavis said...

My name is Mavis and I do not have blonde hair.

I have beautiful brown hair!

Sorry to ruin your theory that all Mavis' have blonde hair!


Carrie said...

I do believe Jay Leno's wife's name is Mavis. And I do believe, she is a brunette. So much for your theory! Thanks for stopping by my blog.