Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ad not!

Sometimes I wonder about ads on TV. I mean how could I trust having a credit card that my elephant can take and charge things with it. I mean how secure would that card be. If they did not question the elephants purchases, how hard would it be for a person to use it without my consent?

Then there is Jesus and God. I only mention this because it is Passover and Easter and the time of year when God, is kind of on everyones mind. It seems that some people get angry about reading or seeing the words "In God we Trust or one nation under God.


A lot of comedy is done about Jesus and God on the Daily Show or Conan O'Brian. (It was kind of funny when the Easter Bunny was tasered by those priests and Jesus was eating the chocolate bunny ears). The Jesus jokes and stuff make people laugh. I guess God and Jesus have a sense of humor. Forgive the comic for he does not know he jokes about. The world is still here, sometimes, a couple of hurricanes and overly big waves are Gods answer for a bad joke or two.

You can take God out of politics but you can't take God out of comedy, or so it seems. Which is good. Therefore I guess we need God not only in church but in a few joke books too. I'm sure there is some humor in the Bible. I always thought Adam and Eve wearing fig leafs was kind of a hoot. The line, "have I got a plague for you if you don't let my people go." Probably keep Moses laughing on Mt. Sinai with God a for awhile.

Happy Easter, Passover or whatever God holiday you may be celebrating.

So be it and Amen too!


Phil said...

I think God and Christian subject matter is so effective in comedy because it's something almost anyone can relate to and it's a big source of tension especially in America. Meh, what do I know though. Glad you stopped by my blog, hope you like Garbage as much as I do. I'm kind of obsessed with them, it's a sad story.

puayki said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You could leave me a message at my tagboard too!

Here's a quote which i think is wonderful...


"No one can better bask in summer's balm than those who have endured winter's bite. Similarly, it is those who have suffered through life's darkest hours who are able to truly savor the bright dawn of happiness. The person who has transformed the worst of fate into the best of fortune is life's champion."

by Daisaku Ikeda

Andrew The Asshole said...

most people believe in some form of higher power so they can relate. In order to be funny your audience must relate. Daily show is hilarious