Friday, April 13, 2007


Well here we go being anti again. First it was anti bacon and greasy foods because of heart disease. Which is good, someone is looking after our health. Now it is antioxidants.

What are oxidants and why are they bad? Unfortunately oxidants are waiting to happen. Everyday there are oxidants. Big oxidants and small oxidants. Oxidants can happen in the home, at work, in school and everywhere. Oxidants happen to the young and old and all nationalities and races. In every country in every nook and cranny of the world there are oxidants. The big thing is banning them from our drinks. I have seen bottles and bottles of fitness water advertising there are no oxidants in these drinks.

Wait a minute. They say there are antioxidants in their drinks? Are they saying that there is something in the water that would make us anti against oxidants? What next? Could they now make food that would make us be anti against other things because they got away with putting anti stuff in our drinks?

I may have to rethink this. In the mean time be careful what you drink it may bring you anti-think against something or someone you know.


AlterinG Abhishek said...


no the above does not quite make sense, i was just playing with words!!
tks for droppiny by the one liner!!

Levari said...

Living in Los Angeles I can relate to the anti-anti-oxidant essay. Granted I'm sitting here trying to get over a nasty bout of the flu at 2 a.m. drinking quarts of green tea and huffing down cigarettes, but then the cigarettes are organic American Spirits.

"Organic" is for one of your future essays. It is an Orwellian world, especially when you take a trip to the supermarket these days.

Thank you for the laughs, and thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me that you would take the time to write them.

With All Best Wishes,

Kara said...

LOL at Oxidants happening anytime! HEHEHE

Thanks for visiting my blog :) Looks like yours is pretty fun! You got me laughing :D

Emory Rundle said...

I try to stay away from bacon, just not a big fan of it, though for some reason it still ends up in our fridge every couple of months. My wife found a recipe that called for it and surprisely she finds a recipe she wants that is the highest in fat with flour and bacon grease, etc.

As for the water, I'm not to worried, but I thought there are anti-oxidants in juices. I'm going to have to look next time I'm at the store. Interesting post.

Mina said...

My dad says we should all just pick how it is we want to die and eat accordingly.

(You posted on my blog. . .thanks, you seem to be the first to happen upon my site who I don't know. )

Nice blog. I like the essay style. That's my thing too!

catalyst0527 said...

I never thought about antibiotics before I read this blog.

Thank you.
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