Friday, April 27, 2007


I had a UFO happen to me the other day. That is an Unforeseen Frantic Occurrence.
I was in a doctors office and was getting ready for a procedure to be done on me. I had my x-rays done, blood tests etc. all done. The last thing I had to do was see Charlie, the nurse who was suppose to do the last test on me. Nothing important just measure my eyes for the cataract procedure that was to be done on me. Dr. Darlene told me to sit in a chair and wait for Charlie; he would be right out. After a few minutes Charlie came out smiled at me while he waved to the other nurses in the hallway then disappeared.

After a few more minutes I felt kind of strange sitting there. Another nurse was passing and I asked her, "Where did Charlie go?" "Charlie?", she thoughtfully repeated then said "Oh, Charlie just left to get married and he won't be back until a week from now."

I then kind of panicked and made what one would be considered a "scene" as I jumped up and yelled, "What? He is suppose to measure my eyes for the operation that is to be done before he gets back." The nurse looked shocked and told me to run out to the receptionist to see if she could catch Charlie for me. So I ran down the hall and bashed thru some doors and pounded on the receptionist desk saying, "I need Charlie".

Alas Charlie was well on his way to his honeymoon. Then at the height of my anguish and mind filled with thoughts of now what do I do. Dr. Darlene showed up and patted me on the back and said, "Sorry, there is another Charlie. He is not getting married and well, I forgot there were two Charlie's that worked in the same department.

I did meet the real Charlie and everything was measured and I am ready to get fixed up. It was also true this Charlie was not getting married or going on a honeymoon. He told me 3 or 4 times to reassure me.

Such was my Unforeseen Frantic Occurrence. Does this happen to others? Or is it just me living in the outer space of these U.F.O'S.


Anonymous said...
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Lynn said...

Oh my!
I would have been frantic too!
I would have needed a time-out.

CoralPoetry said...


Eye, eye - Good luck with the results of the probing. I hate being measured and prodded. Had enough to last a lifetime, lately.


Mz Jackson said...

Just be glad you weren't at a different kind of doctor and you didn't have to go looking for Charlie in one of those gowns. You know the ones, slit up the back for just such an occasion!