Sunday, May 06, 2007

No notes needed.

Sometimes I get an idea on what I want to write about but I am too busy at the time to blog. So I depend on my memory and later on when I have time to write. The memory is gone. You would think I should have learned by now. What I do is write the whole blog in my mind, file and store it and somehow it gets deleted in time.

I had an idea about the reason we see less and less UFO's is because maybe the Aliens have a gas shortage or fuel problem and it is too expensive to visit planet Earth as much as they wanted. Then I had some ideas on death and then those ideas died with a few of my brain cells.

Those stories I have made up in my mind just sounded so good at the time I thought they would never leave. They unfortunately do and seem to never return.

Is it old age? I blame everything on getting older. This is starting to wear off. Just because I age doesn't mean I have to deteriorate in my brain all the time. I should give my brain some credit. It has gotten me this far.

How far is far? At the starting line of life, at birth, the race began. I just forget where the finish line is and why the heck am I running anyway. So I like to sit an rest once in awhile and relax. Then that old competitive spirit comes leaking in my brain and says, "Hey, get up and run before you lose the race of life."
Then I get up and start running blindly thru life again.

Well that's it. This is what I thought to write about. Next time I'll try to take notes and try to write something better. How do you get inspired?


Emory Rundle said...

I have that problem too when it comes to blogging. I know what I want to say, but by the time I get to the blog, I forgot what I wanted to say.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

YETTE said...

hi! want me to lend you a mental post-it? =D i think you forget some things because your mind is already so full of information, memories and experiences that all you need to do is just dewey decimal system it. or maybe you could get one of those Pensieves from Harry Potter. mighty helpful!
thanks for dropping by my blog! =D

Anne Blythe said...

I love the Pensieve idea!

I'm sure most bloggers go through the same difficulty...I do for sure.

Lynn said...

I don't think it is aging. It is multi-tasking....we suck at it. As there are more and more subjects to juggle the older we get. It isn't aging. It is experience.