Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hot Choclet

Hot choclet this winter
Starting in Desamber at 3:00
to 5:00 on Saterday and
Sundays or any time we git
out of school


Pleas COME!!

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Are children selling Hot Choclet in your neighborhood too? Check your mailboxes and you might find out they are.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why I was born.

I was watching some children playing where I volunteer and remembered how my older sister, by 2 years, was when I was home with her. She wanted to play a game and I did not. Finally she informed me that I was born so she would have someone to play games with. If I did not believe her I was to ask our mom. My sister never lied so I played the games with her any time she told me. She passed from an illness when she was 21 and looking back on it now I am happy I did what she wanted. Although honest I did suspect she took advantage of me being younger. That is ok I forgive her. I was not so forgiving when we played house and she made me eat a mud pie. She insisted it took her all day to make it so how could I refuse. Were you born to be a playmate?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sometimes hero's fall.

If you have not heard about the Penn State scandle in which children were being abused, then you are having a good day. Have you ever had someone you considered a hero come into a devistating negative light? The world tends to turn upside down and explode in some cases. Yes. I think there are real hero's still out there. Unfortunately they are harder to find and stand as hero's once did.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

A little Bear

There was a little baby born in the Hospital I volunteer at. The baby was a 2 pound early one. I guess the stork was in a hurry to drop this one off. Dispite all odds it has been close to two weeks and and the baby is making a little progress daily. A generous person donates stuffed toys for us to give out. I asked the father if he wanted one and we found a nice white Teddy Bear. The mother came in and saw the bear and had tears in her eyes. She was very touched by this kindness. Have you gotten a little kindness today? I hope you have.