Sunday, February 19, 2012

Global Warming and Me.

I like global warming. I am getting older and snow shoveling for me just is not that much fun any more. The location where I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania USA, had very little snow this year. Unfortunately activities that need snow like sledding and skiing have suffered. This is bad especially for people that like to get out and enjoy winter. So instead of snow balls I have been getting hit by a lot of rocks this year. The neighborhood kids just have to throw something.

Monday, February 13, 2012

And so the wheel turns.

Sometimes in life the wheel turns. The trick is that one must not get run over by it. There is this older gentleman I have observed. He was not a happy man. He did not like people because they annoyed him. He would yell at them and make angry faces and gestures when they were around him. In church he would not let people sit near him in the same pew. Then the wheel somehow turned. Now he has a wife. Impossible and a shock when I found out. He does not yell at people anymore or make life miserable for them. I did notice his wife reprimand him a few times or constantly it seems. Quite the change in him. He seems humbled. I did notice a slight smile on his face when he looks at her. Happy Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


One hour before the Super Bowl game. I was thinking about the fact that I was witness to the first Super Bowl game. So again I was looking forward to this exciting time in my life. The Super Bowl Party. I was in work and getting very anxious for my shift to end. Then it happened. I was quarantined. A patient came into the hospital that had bed bugs and other critters that were jumping off and taking a tour of the area I was working in. After taking a shower, washing clothes and spraying I was able to get home but not able to go to the party. There was concern that some of these tiny creatures were football fans and might decide to visit my friends house. I did try to watch the game but I became uneasy and cleaned my car and home just in case I had little friends hiding in my work clothes. After 24 hours the hospital called and cleared me. The area I worked in was cleansed and deemed safe for visitors again. They believed the bugs did not occupy my area after all. Although some were caught in other areas and dispatched to buggy heaven. Life can be very unpredictible when the moon is full on Super Bowl Sunday.