Sunday, March 11, 2007

Loss for words

The strange and wonderous thing about life is that it is strange and wonderous. Bizzare and wierd can be thrown into the mix or recipe of life, I suppose. Which can be amusing to some and horrific to others.

Life goes on the way life goes on. We turn the clocks back in Autumn and ahead in or near Spring. Why? Why not everyone else does. If we don't, it would just make our lives difficult and we would never be on time.

That is not what I am writing about. I wanted to write something profound, funny and important enough for people to remember my words. I failed.

I did learn that it is important to not just empty the frozen food bag of food into the bowl and then nuke it in a microwave. I learned to check the bag because the gravy is in another bag inside the original bag. That little gravy bag has to be thawed then opened and mixed in with the frozen vegetables and frozen meat or pasta then cooked. I forgot about that little gravy bag and nuked everything all together. The little gravy bag melted a little and well, I should not have eaten it. I now prefer the flu to food poisoning any day.

Maybe next time I can write something profound, funny and important. Until then I am going to stick to fast foods like McDonald's, pizza, or sandwich places like Subway for awhile and forget the frozen foods.

Any one else out there have food stories, feel free to share with me. I also learned before you cook a turkey. You have to take out a bag that has a neck and stuff in it before cooking that hidden bag also.


Kris said...

In high school after a field hockey tournament we all got Sushi at this cheap Japanese restaurant. Not knowing at the time there was heavy MSGs in some of the food I consumed, I ended up with the worst migraine of my life and having to endure a 4 hour school bus trip back home before I was able to go to the emergency room to relieve my pain.

Anonymous said...

I laugh, therefore I am!
I love your stories!
Warm hello from Paris, France!

tNb said...

It's somehow comforting to read that we all experience life's little trials. Finding the humour in them, however, is an art so hats off to you!

Lynn said...

Hey Chumly learns the same way I do!
My last little hiccup was micrwaving a coffee with sugar in it.
It foamed up and blew like a volcano out of the cup when I put the spoon in to stir it.
My daily issue is burning my raisin toast. Every day I put it in the toaster oven. If I get distracted for even a second I will burn the bloody toast.
Needless to say...I get distracted alot in the morning.
Raisin toast is a volitile food. The raisins make the toast burn.
Perhaps I should go back to begals.

cinamuse said...

Hi Chumly,
Thanks for sharing the best life stories i've read in quite awhile. Almost every sentence you write is profoundly uplifting.

As always, you made my night. You have a wonderful way of truly connecting.

Marie C said...

Cooked one of those noodles-in-the-box thingos without realising there were spice bags (I took one out but there were MORE...!) and a plastic fork inside ! LOL