Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Turn on the Seasons

First day of Summer is here again. Well this is the first time we had a first day of Summer in 2006. We had only one first day of summer in 2005 and in 2007 we will only have one first day of Summer also.

I think the seasons are all wrong anyway. To me a "Chumly" Summer is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Then again calling it Labor Day is all wrong. It sounds like the birth of Summer when it actually is the end. We already have a Labor Day. That is Mother's Day, so we do not need another one. If we want to end Summer and acknowledge the workers of America, then the day should be called Capitalism Day, or Workers Day, or Last Day of Summer Day, possibly even Family Day since it is usually the last picnic day for families.

Autumn is a strange season because of the mn in it. It sounds like a thinking season Autumnmnmnmnm. This season should be from the day after Summer ends (one of the days I mentioned other than Labor Day), to November 25th or Thanksgiving Day. I initially thought maybe the last day of Autumn to be Holloween. I decided the changing of the leaves and football season is definitely Autumn.

Winter should be from Black Friday, the Christmas Shopping Day until the end of March. That gives us plenty of time for snow and winter sports. Black Friday is a good name because it is usually dark most of the time during Winter any way. Plus every one is in a black mood because they have to work overtime to pay for those Christmas and New Years Holidays. Those Jewish Holidays are not too cheap either. The last day of Winter we could call Hooray Day!

AH! Spring time. April has always been Spring to me. April 1st is April Fool's day which is good because the weather sometimes fools us thinking warm weather will be here and then the big giant rat like thing see's it's shadow and we go from Hooray Day to Oh Crap day.

That brings us back to Memorial Day and we are off an running to another 1st day of Summer.

Thank you. (As I bend and do a hand flippin bow, but not the colored hand flippin like Blog Dog does).


Johann said...

I am honored by your mention of my finger art. They're not masterpieces, but oh the fun in making them.

Frankie said...

"Autumnmnmnmnm." Ha Ha I found myself saying it. LOL

Ohh yeah in resonse to your comment. A little jiggle is good but I gots it in all the wrong places. :)

Bonnie B said...

Black Friday because it is black outside and I'm in a foul mood because I my money will soon be squandered at the mall with a bunch of truly nutty people as I prepare for the holidays-- yes, I can relate.

As for Labor Day, I can definitely see it as the birth of summer, but ai also see it as the end of summer because it is like saying OK you kids you have to go back to work. Maybe it is from my time as child dreading Labor Day? As a parent I celebrate it and think of it as the birth of freedom-- ding dong the kids are gone!!!!

Nice post. It made me laugh and say autumnnnnnnn-- which makes my nose tickle for some reason.