Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ice Creamed

It is the end of summer and my favorite ice cream places are closing for the season. I love getting on my motorcycle and going riding with my friends. What we always end up doing is going to get some ice cream before the ride ends. As I was sitting here I began to think, "If I were an ice cream flavor what flavor would I be?" That opened a lot of doors for me because I love a lot of flavors. I decided that I would be a berry ice cream because I like strawberry, rasberry or any kind of berry ice cream. If I went with my personality I would make sure there would be lots and lots of nuts with my ice cream because people say that I am a little nuts in real life. What flavor ice cream would you be?


Anne Blythe said...

I don't know! Though there is an application on Facebook that can tell you.


hi thanks for the comment!!

the ice cream blog brings back lots of summer thoughts. it makes me wanna get some!

thanks Andy