Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh that day again.

It's the end of the world as we know it. Rain upon my window pane. The little white cloud that cried. The beat goes on. It's a small world. Where have all the flowers gone. Sometimes there are those days that come around that remind me of sadness. Reaching out my arms and pulling in great hugs help. Listening to the Grateful Dead and remembering there really is still lots of love in the world. Breathing my next breath slowly. Letting breezes softly caress me then pass me by. It is all there still living. Music. Laughing. Some people swim in tears. I was not going to write about this day again. I did. Ghosts of dead relatives, friends and strangers swirl about and linger for awhile. They do not stay as long as they once did. I lost no one but died with many. Some days skipping rocks on the water can be soothing. What do you do on these sad days?


Jenny said...

Enjoyed reading this.. makes one think!

Anne Blythe said...

I swim in tears. They soothe my despair.

USpace said...

Nice tribute Chumly, different and very touching. God bless Jerry & the Boys and all of us.

Now, for my flashback: I was getting ready to get ready for work; Howard was on the radio, the TV's sound was muted.

I finally looked up and saw the tower with smoke pouring out of it and said "what the...", and then turned the sound on and just then my sister called and we watched and talked about it for a few minutes until the 2nd plane hit.
We were both "Oh my God..."

For the next week or more my nabes was like a demilitarized zone or something, only official traffic allowed. Lots of firetrucks and buses filled with fireman and rescue workers streamed through the neighborhood on their way down to Ground Zero.

Thankfully I lost no one, but know many people who did, including a friend at work who had joined us from Cantor Fitzgerald after being there for 10 years. He lost over 100 friends and acquaintances, including 3 of his best friends who I had met at a birthday party at a club about 6 months before.

They loved the nickname I had given him.

A friend of mine called his wife at home and said "Go and get a few hundred dollars out of an ATM, quick!" She finally had to go way uptown to find one that still had cash in it. But on the way back to their apartment she ran into many upper-class Mommies out on the streets (with their husbands still on their way home from work, hopefully) with their little kids and no way to get cash, and all of them crying and scared, and so little by little she gave away all her money to these scared and crying young Mothers.

So many stories, maybe I'll recount more next year.

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