Thursday, April 22, 2010

Call Waiting

I am waiting for a phone call. The person said that they would call back. It never happened. So I am a little sad. The person that was to call me will never know if I am sad, happy, or content that the call they were suppose to make to me happened or did not happen. That is the way it is sometimes. Someone will say to you they will call and they do not. It is a wave that comes over you but there is no sound to it. The call was about something I am selling but no one is buying, at least not today. I am listening to mellow music and my mood is like that silent wave. It comes and flows and if the person that is suppose to call me calls now it will ruin my mood. So it is good they do not call. I am left with this wonderful imaginative ocean and waves that are calming me. How do you deal with a phone that calls you or not?

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