Monday, April 12, 2010

Going Going Gone

I sold my Harley. It rained all day even though the sun was out. I hated to do it but after a winter of thought I decided the pros outweighted the cons and therefore made my decision to sell. I will miss the rides with my friends and the breakfasts we had toghether. I don't think my one friends will be sad he won't be fixing my bike all the time. I appreciated all the work he did on my bike. In fact I have this feeling he is part owner he put so much work into it. I do realize though that a bike is more than just a ride. It pulls together people and gets them to share their lives here on this old dirt planet. I therefore will cherish those times I had but must move on to the times I will have in the future. True I will not be riding but I can still hang around and probably be the same old pain in the butt I usually am. Some things will never change. Will I ever ride again? My body tells me not in the near future. Unless I buy a Smart Car or one seater quad. Oh well! Have you made any major changes in your life? Hope your decision goes well for you and may we both move on.

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