Monday, March 10, 2008

Alien type people from outer space.

I was watching a show on the History Channel about alien people that live in outer space. These people, called "Greys", like to visit us now and then and have a tendency to abduct earthy type people; experiment on them, then give them a tour of their space ship. I guess after a few experiments the least they could do is give a tour of the ship.

Then there was this other scientist that said that these earthy type people were not abducted after all but were suffering from a thing called sleep paralysis. I realized that I myself have had that sleep paralysis stuff happen to me. A few times I was drunk and the paralysis was of the alcohol inducement paralysis type. Then there was the waking up and feeling paralysis not necessarily after a night of drinking but on a real sober next day or middle of the night, feels like an alien is abducting me type of paralysis. This is a feeling like, "Hey, I am wide awake and cannot move, scary type of feeling. I instantly knew I was not being abducted though because after I was fully conscious I did not get a tour of a space ship. So not getting the tour is how I determine if I was abducted or not. How do you seperate your abductions from sleep paralysis?


Tom & Icy said...

No tour of the ship! That's funny!

->cara said...

I don't believe in alien abduction and I've never been drunk before, but I have been paralyzed in my sleep before. Many times. Most times, though, it's like someone is holding me down while I'm struggling to get up. Though I can't see them/him/her/it holding me, I can feel restraints or hands holding me down. I'll be completely aware of my surroundings. Usually I'll want to get up because there's some where I want to be. I'll be aware of exactly where I'm laying and trying to look at the room around me, but can only see what's above me because I can't move. And fighting and fighting, without any success of moving at all. It seems to go on for hours, but it's probably just a few minutes. Until finally I'm released. I don't know what it is, but it's scary whatever it is.

Anna Montana said...

I've never been abducted, but I have the sleep paralysis. It always starts out with me waking suddenly because I hear shuffling footsteps approaching my bed. I look around my room but I don't see anyone. Then I feel something or someone invisible holding me down, sometimes laying on top of me entirely. I struggle to get up and throw them off, to move in any way, but I can't. It's truly terrifying. Back in the old days they called it "night terrors" or a "hag attack" (if you're male) or an "incubus attack" (if you're female). I personally think that there's a glitch in the brain that keeps you trapped between REM state and waking, and it's the fear and terror that actually helps you dislodge from the sleep state.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...


That's funny! I have had sleep paralysis, accompanied by scary dreams where I couldn't run away from bad guys or lions coming after me.

Since I got no tour of the ship, I assume it was sleep induced paralysis.

I have however, seen UFOs. Of course, could have been anything, but it sure didn't act like it! Hovered, than moved off at an odd angle VERY FAST.

cj said...

Maybe the aliens were pressed for time or you didn't have enough money on you for the tour ;)

Anonymous said...

i have been paralyzed in my sleep since i was about four years old. it continued off and on till i was 25 years old. when i started taking antidepresants, it all stopped. i am forty five now. before then, i experianced somthing strong holding me down, my entire body felt like somthing heavy was holding me down, i could'nt move, i wanted to cry out for help but was unable to make a sound i was terrified and just prayed. when i was thirteen, while trying to sleep, i had an episode where my blankets slid off of me and i was levitated off of my bed. i fought it hard, then the next thing i new i was hanging off the side of my bed i heard what sounded like woman talking;not audible; but from my right ear, i remember a bright light comming though the the cracked door of my bedroom every thing else in the room seemed in place. after what seemed like a long time suddenly i came out of this trance and was free. my covers were back on me and i felt safe again i used to have insomia for obvious reasons. but i sleep in peace now. so my take on this is that my experiances where just a chemical inbalance in the brain and i whould suggest antidepresants or antiphsicotics to any one who has these night terrors.