Thursday, March 06, 2008

Story Teller

She has a violin and plays the strings of ones heart to tell the stories involving lifes inhabitants. Animals come alive and brave warriors travel thru the forests while experiencing great adventures. Camp fires blaze away igniting the embers of imagination as wisps of smoke flit and dance thru sky and air.

I have been reading a little book full of American Indian tales. When I do my mind seems to enter this kind of space. This happens when I read. Sometimes the world just seems to melt away and cease to exist and surrender to the words and images my mind creates thanks to a creative author. It always amazes me how enthralled I can become and how time; space are condensed into the creation of a completely made up world thru words. It also amazes me that TV, the Internet, Ipods, radio, and other distractions for the young and old still take a back seat to reading. My grandchildren are always talking about their trips to the library and how much they enjoy discovering wonderful stories that fill the shelves in these buildings. Not only my grandchildren but I sit here and can think of dozens of other children that are experiencing the same feelings that reading can ignite in ones life.

Which leads me to ask you. Have you read any good books lately?


baldingboarder said...

"Molokai", about leprosy in Hawaii,not great writing but historically interesting. And "Accordian Crimes" by Annie Proulx, she`s one of my favorites, depressing at times but a gifted wordsmith.

Tim Rice said...

Reading native American Indian tales has always been something I have enjoyed. I've also enjoyed reading the mythology of the Greek, Roman, Norse, and other peoples. It has a way of transporting me into a whole 'nother world. I really like historical fiction, too.