Monday, September 11, 2006

Once upon a discussion.....

There was once a discussion. It was about drugs. It was about drugs in America. It was about drugs in the world. It was about drugs and rock and roll. It ended up being a magazine. Which became a discussion in print. This magazine discussed drugs in America, around the world and drugs in rock and roll. Advertisers in this magazine paid lots and lots of money to have their ads in a magazine that discussed drugs. Why? Well it seems that people that do a lot of drugs also like to read. So the discussion became quite the party topic.

Then the discussion became an argument. Because of the Parties. Now they were not social parties where drugs were shared, or talked about while under the influence of the drug. Oh! Sex and Rock and Roll began to be big in these parties also. No no no these were not the parties that had the arguments about drugs. The Parties that did were political parties with political people.

The political parties started to read this magazine, that discussed drugs. These political discussions led them to learn a lot of wonderful drug things about drugs. So much in fact that these Party goers started to put ads in this drug filled discussion magazine. In fact these Parties started to send agents to validate these discussions and exploit the free market of drug ideas and other drug markets.

That is when the magazine evolved into a smoke filled screen of discussion. The people that liked to discuss the drug culture in this magazine never saw it coming. As long as the magazine was getting paid to advertise from all Parties who the hell really cared anyway.

Soon the all the cultures caught on. Now men read women discussions and women read magazines with men discussing things about themselves and their sex. A whole new world of learning opportunity opened up. Unfortunately the people that like to discuss terror did not publish their discussions in publications like, "The Terrorist Times" or the "Osama Weekly." Which is another subject all together.

So if one was gay and wanted a straight discussion they would read the "Straight Times" and if one were straight and wanted to read about an alternative lifestyle they would read the "Hi Gay Times." magazines. The people that discuss political things read each other party magazines also. Everyone can read about the people that have unpopular discussions at their parties and vice versa.

I use to attend a lot of the drug discussions myself in my younger days. Not so tody but I do attend a lot of meetings that discuss drugs, alcohol and God stuff.
Back in my earlied days I caught on to the drug and party discussions and arguments. So to find out for myself I joined the Coast Guard in the 70's.

Believe me now that was some discussion. Nixon's McHales Navy would be a good discussion to start. "Captains on Cocaine," a good article to write about. "American CIA Air" would have been a good advertisement and everyone was in agreement that drugs in America, around the world, and sex and Rock and Roll was a good discussion for all parites.

That is until disco.

This has been a Chumly Historical learning discussion. (Chumly History 101).


Wind Stopper said...

Thanks for your comment on my moon pictures.
Well, I'm not an english-native and having difficulties on english writing, but your style in this post looks very nice. I like it. Simple, repeats, transitions of topics, and so on.. I learned something from it...

Lynn said...

I used to be a public speaker at some of those places that discuss God, drugs and Alcohol.
I was the one that came spouting "Faith with the G removed" for the nonconformists of the group.
I think the one I learned that I didn't know about was Divorce Lawyers love Speedballs! And started when all the lawyers started-in Law School!
(and we wonder why all the divorcees get bled dry in court it is to feed the habit!)
I have been opening the book every night waiting for you to turn the page. This week I missed a day or two, and you published....Yeah!!!!

r o b i t o said...

thanks for checking out my blog. latest entry is:

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anyway, your blog has lots of entries already so i'll be looking through it over the next few days



ame said...

blogwalking... (thanks for visiting my blog) :)

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