Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not funny anymore.

Sometimes funny isn't funny anymore. It happened today.

For a long time everybody always had fun with George Bush. Comedy Central's the Daily Show, all the late night TV talk show hosts and even some of the daytime talk show hosts. Today that all seemed to change when that country that sells us oil in South America made fun of Georgie. Their President called him "The Devil and that George smelled of sulpher." I did not know that the Devil smelled of sulpher because I never met him. Apparently the South American President has first hand knowledge of what the devil smells like, or someone farted while he was speaking.

Anyway. I wonder did we all hit the point where we are tired of the Bush jokes, just like we are tired of wars, high gas prices and all other global woes?
I thought The Daily Show would have a good time with "Devil" Jokes and I thought the news media would be having fun with them too after the South American President made those remarks. I was wrong and no jokes were to follow. No real giggles, or chuckles, just a lot of sighs.

Today was like hearing the punch line first and then the same old joke followed. What does this mean? Is America not funny anymore? How many more Barry Manilow Jokes do we have to hear? How many chicken jokes, or lame one liners are left for us out there?

Hopefully a lot. Just not today. So maybe today America woke up and said. "No more Bush Bashing." Americans can only make fun of Americans, not South Americans or Mid Eastern or other countries. He is our President and we can only make fun of him best. So don't laugh on us. Unless we tell the joke.

Now that is funny. Or not. We just need someone new to make jokes about. Any volunteers? We can't be tired of laughing. I hope!


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Lynn said...

Gee I thought they did make a joke about Bush and the Argentine Presidents referrals to him, on the Daily show. Hummm...I must be going crazy or I am dreaming well.

Oh maybe it was the Canadian show This Hour has 22 minutes who made the joke.
O damn I had having no random immediate memory.

But I can remember Bush produces the most funny laughs on his own behalf. He is like the one crazy Uncle who always plays the fake poo joke on people. YOu can always count on that uncle to say weird comments like he his drunk, when he really doesn't drink.........
All I know is I had to get a brain injury to say dumb stuff like Bush says!

dreamer said...

Hey, I appreciate your visit and comment to my dream blog. In looking over your blog it seems like we have quite a few things in common - I was also born in PA and am also a Dragon (1964), we both have relatives in NC (where I now live), we both suffer from some form of insomnia, and we both appreciate good music and Jon Stewart.

I must admit to recently thinking poorly of people in general (I'd been thinking that most people are ill-mannered, uncaring and self-centered) - your comment, and your blog, have sparked a change in that thinking. And for that I say thanks :)

CROAK said...

I hope the sense of humour has not gone for your country re your leader. Only through humour can we all get through the dark hours of fools and idiots that are leading us.

I realise that Bush is his best funny-man, that no one can predict just how funny he sounds to us outsiders, if it all wasn't so goddam scary.

Love The Daily Show, which we get here about a week or so later.

Don't give up on laughing at yourself. You get more respect that way from the rest of the world. Please please don't take Georgie-porgie seriously..he is just too dangerous like that!!!

Etzel Pangloss said...

The US is the worlds' superpower and policeman; that makes you fair game for everyone.