Friday, July 14, 2006

Stepped in it again.

No matter where you go there it is. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you do not. It happens. We don't want it too but it does. It is suppose to be a healthy thing for all living things to do, and if it isn't done then that living entity could die. It would back up and muddle up the brain and implode. Yet! This is not what I want to write about.

I was thinking how relationships define our lives. When I rememeber part of my life I remember the Sandy Era or the Michelle Era. This is after the High School era. For some people College might be an era. I went part time to my local university and worked so my college era lasted about 25 years. Ok, so I took my time and after 20 years the school let me park for free, so it wasn't all bad.

I was just wondering how people define the parts of their past lives. I have a grown daughter so I had a few era's with her. The Grade school era, High School and College Era and now I am in the Grandchildren era. Three grandchild era's.

Now I am in my single and older era again. I moved so that was an era in an era. The past era I wrote in my journal was my "Living with the blind nun era." I have to admit that was some era.

How do you define your era's? Is it relationships, or places you lived? The times you were in school, different grades, classes or teachers? I wonder if there is a universal era type theme people use? I had a bar hopping era when I hung with my favorite bar room buddies and I played shuffle board. Mostly when I remember bits of my life it centers around a relationship I was having at the time.

Then of course there was the Coast Guard Era. That lasted 4 years. That was quite an era, I was attacked by a shark, arrested in Cuba by the Marines, and smuggled my ex-wife on a Coast Guard Bouy tender because she wanted a BBQ with the crew. Plus she wanted to get a ride on a Bouy tender.

The divorce era was kind of fun because I ended up with a Harley. My ex got remarried and I was invited to the wedding. I almost gave her away because her dad was angry with her for some reason. They made up the last minute and I didn't have to go. It was a good divorce. Everyone in my family voted for us to get divorced. I voted twice myself.

I had my Grateful Dead era. Which comes back in flashbacks once in awhile.

Anyway! How do you define your life's era's? It would be interesting to me if you would let me know. It could be a kind of a decision to have an era you want to remember or decide it is an era you would really not like to have had at all and make it none of my damn business. Which would make it something we would both not want to step into again.


Johann said...
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Johann said...
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SCHRmm said...

Well there was the really shitty childhood era, the dancing era, the brick lane era, the angry with the world era, the almost getting married era followed by the intense heartbreak era. There has also been the I only wear red era, a lots of stupid boyfriends era, the great poverty era, the really intense destructive people era, the summer of lebanese friends and lots more. Many of them are somehow running through each other.

Unsung said...

My eras are all muddled and fuzzy. No drugs, not enough drinking to warrant the haze. I envy others' ability to place themselves in the world at particular times. I feel a little untethered in comparison.