Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hail Austria

I was bar hopping around the blogs looking for some inspiration and I came across a blog called, "My Everyday Glamor." This person, Chililady, had a little film about a prom and it brought me back about a 1,000 or so years ago when I went to mine. I know there are some out there that did not go to their prom and if you are one of them. Check out that film. I have a feeling the world will be hearing more from this prodigy. The worst thing about my prom was it was a one date thing. I never saw her again but for me I just wanted a night out. In fact I think she moved out of town shortly thereafter, changed her name and gender. Oh well. I tend to inspire my dates.


ChiliLady said...

awww, thank you very much!
my origin is hungarian, but I still like Austria, even if it's very posh in some areas.
"the person" from My everyday Glamour

ps: thank you again, very sweet.

greg said...

Hi, Chumly!

Thanks for dropping a line in my message board. Yup, I agree with you, nothing can go wrong with sticking to a good band dishing out wonderful music from time to time! ;-)

I love the bar-hopping stuff. Is it a hobby? Come to Boracay, an island in my country, and I will volunteer as your tour guide cum drinking buddy. :-)