Monday, February 04, 2008

Bring it on!

The Super Bowl is over. My team was not in it, but it was a good game. During the game I thought that a Rugby Super bowl should also be played somewhere.

I love the Super Bowl parties. I was at my Friends house and he and his wife had one of those Hugh TV's that made me feel I was in a movie theater watching the game. We had pizza, iced coffee, and other snacks. Their pet dog ran around and kept jumping on and off our laps for a pet. But, now it is over. Tomorrow we can get back to watching crime on the daily news station. Get taxes ready for April 15th. Maybe do some laundry this week and clean around the house. I will work out at the YMCA and hopefully not get anything stolen while I work out. I leave my stuff in a locker. I lock it but they still stole my coat one year. I can get back to people yelling at me and giving me nasty looks because they do not like the way I drive. I probably will walk around for the rest of the Winter hoping I will not fall on the ice or snow. Lent is coming and I usually give up candy for the duration.

Not much to look forward to after a Super Bowl Game. Sure there is Easter and Spring, but that is not for awhile. Sad when football ends. Here I sit singing the football is over blues again. Sigh.

So what do you do for the rest of the Winter?


ChiliLady said...

I just did a bowling shoot, we called it "super" bowl...totally random, but maybe you take a look on it in my blog!
take care!

Bill German said...

there's always the NHL, I was at the stanley cup playoffs (bruins vs canadians), those were real sports