Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies

I believe that the Girl Scouts put something in those cookies that makes me want more. I bought a box the other day and now I am craving them at 1:00 AM.

I am also having a sleep problem. I could not sleep Sunday night so I went to the Drug Store and bought some sleep enhancers, to enhance my sleep, hence the word enhance and enhancer have enhanced my writings to date. I guess I am not making much sense. I took the pills and was wide awake until 7:00 AM Monday morning. Then I finally fell asleep and woke up 6:15 PM on Monday evening. Which makes me believe the pills worked after all, just a little too late. So now I am sitting here blogging away because I am wide awake and dare not take any more enhancers to enhance what I already enhanced and am back to square one.

My neighbor must have done the same thing. He was cleaning up his room because he enhanced himself with Red Bull, Coffee and a few beers. Then as he was taking out his garbage his cat escaped from his home. The cat was on catnip enhancers and enhanced herself all over the yard. She was finally entrapped and escorted back to her safe cat place in his home.

It was fun to watch. He was barefoot, with only pair of long pajama pants and it was snowing a little. The cold recharged him and I can still hear him cursing the cat and cleaning. Oh well!

What do you do when you cannot sleep?


黃草 said...

I just read a boring book (but useful, for example : Tools book) when I can't get into sleep. It's always work!

KCastillo said...

who are you? I received a comment from you on my blog, which is for my family and personal friends to view only.

lovemelater said...

someone once suggested that i hold my breath til i passed out... ummm, not a good idea, so instead you should watch movies til you pass out