Monday, March 09, 2009

Excuse me please!

I went and got my 6 month hair cut today. I get one every six months or so weather I need one or not. Mostly I need one. I was feeling good after my hair cut so I thought I would go to Walmart to get some shirts. I was in Walmart and got a basket to put my "stuff" in. I usually get a basket because my legs are not 100% and leaning on the basket helps me walk. Anyway. I got the basket and started pushing it. Then this sweet little ol lady grabs the handle on the basket I am pushing, gives me a little push, and says thank you. Then she takes off with my basket. I was standing there watching her walk away with my basket and yes I had a shocked look on my face and my mouth was wide open. I gasped lady that is my basket. She turned around smiled and as she was walking away she said over her shoulder, "Oh! Thanks. Oh do you want it back?" I stammered out, "No no forget it just take it okay!" She smiled and without slowing down a bit kept on going and disappeared down the aisle. There was a man standing there and witnessed the whole thing and he was bent over laughing. He worked there and kept saying and laughing, "Wow I never saw that happen before!" Then I started thinking and wondering how bad my hair cut may have looked. Maybe she thought I was mentally unsound or something and with my new hair cut that is how I looked. Anything like this ever happen to you? I talked about it to a few of my friends and they said it never happened to them.

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Anne Blythe said...


Umm. not really. though I have mistaken customers as salesman and asked them where do i pay the bill etc.?