Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I like getting a good bargain. My friend just bought a new computer and he went surfing on the Internet looking at motorcycles. He found a 1988 Harley 1200 Sportster with a trailer. So he told a friend of his that was looking to buy a bike and they went and checked it out. They ended up getting the bike and trailer for a mere one thousand dollars. The bike had brand new tires on it, no rust, needed a little chrome polishing and the speedometer needs to be replaced. The trailer had new tires on it and also no rust. All in all the bike runs great and he even got a battery charger with it. Oh yeah! He was also lucky to get a brand new spare tire for the trailer. Another thing the previous owner did was swap the chain drive for a brand new belt drive system. Maybe this would not excite someone else but for me and my friends this was a great deal. My latest deal for my self was a sale on Ben & Jerry Ice Cream. Have you found any deals lately?

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