Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Half Baked.

I like a frozen pizza once in awhile but I usually heat it in the oven before I eat it. I just wanted to make sure you did not think I ate frozen pizza. No I really bake it up first. The problem is that I get a half burned pizza and a half good pizza. I cannot explain this. It does not happen with all the pizzas I buy only the DiGiorno ones. It does not happen with the DiGiorno self rising ones, just the regular ones. I have a lot of other half baked stuff in my life. Like half baked ideas, and half baked laundry. For some reason I have to dry my clothes twice because after the first dry they are damp. The other day I pored milk into my cereal bowl and got half of it in the bowl and the other half out of the bowl. This happens when I drink sometimes. I seem to have leaky lips and I end up with half of the drink in me and the other half on my chin and shirt. I get half thoughts once in awhile. I will be thinking about something then forget what I was thinking about half way through the thought. Life is half baked sometimes. Do you ever have half baked things happen to you? Let me know so I will feel less baked.

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