Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Friend in Japan

According to some of my emails I have a friend in Japan. I also have a lot of people trying to leave me money or I have won a big lottery in the UK. It is good to know I have all these friends. I went swimming today and it was one of the best swims I had in awhile. Usually when I do the backstroke I get into it and forget the pool ends. I end up hitting my head a lot. Today that did not happen once. Maybe my email friends and that friend in Japan was looking out for me. My real friends I try to see during the week and on weekends. They help me fix my bike when I crash it and I try to get them coffee as much as I can. They like coffee. My one friend was feeling a little poorly this week but his wife said he is better now. He had to have some medical test done and it is over now and he is good. I visited another friend that owns a garage. He is going to check out a problem I am having with my car. He said he makes really good ribs and I should try them. I bought him an ice tea. I hope you have friends. If not drop me a line and if you like I could hook you up with that friend in Japan.

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