Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The last second before the first one.

Things move very fast today. Take for instance recipes. Way back before the Internet, books, phones and cave writings. If a person found a new way to cook something the only way to pass it on was to give it to a tribe member or relative. Now, to make a long story short, we have the Internet. Someone finds a new idea for frying Oreo Cookies and bam. The idea goes on the Internet and within a matter of minutes thousands of people now know how to fry an Oreo Cookie. Which is pretty good for the people that make Oreo Cookies. It is the knowledge that is on the Internet that overwhelms me. There is almost nothing one cannot find on the Internet. If you have a question about anything you do not have to wait for mom or dad to come home, all you have to do is google. Which is kind of depressing because moms and dads should be asked all kinds of silly questions about stuff that they know nothing about. Grandparents use to be the pillars of knowledge but now they are being replaced by Wickiedia. Hopefully I am wrong about all this and silly questions between parents, grandparents and their children will always exist. How about you. How do you get all your information?

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