Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dream days.

What if you could get your secret hearts desire? What if you could fly like Superman or have a loving affair with the person of your fantastical fantasies? Just think of something that could make your life so different than it usually is. Think for a moment what would you like to do that really is impossible for you to do? Enjoy this thought for awhile. Simply let your imagination and thoughts soar and go to places that you would like to be for just a moment. Try to do this sober and free of drugs. Hopefully do this in a quiet room by yourself with no witnesses to put you away when you do it. Or what the heck in front of thousands of witnesses so after they see what you have just done it can be an inspiration for them to do it themselves. I think this should be done once in awhile just to keep life interesting. If you do it what would you think of? Why do it at all? I guess because it is good to get funky and positive about life once in awhile. Thats all!

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