Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas is finally over, unless you are Russian anyway. I was reflecting about my holiday and it went pretty well. I put a few presents on my porch and they were stolen. I do this every year. I live in a rough neighborhood and usually put some toys and stuff on my porch and wait until they get stolen. I use to give the toys to the Marines but then one year I left them on the porch and poof they were gone. Since then that is what I do. I figured out that if someone has to steal toys they needed them more that the Marine kids. So every year I put them out there and I know some poor kid got something for Christmas.

My friend got her daughter a Hannah from Montana wig. The child put it on and waved her head around like a rock singer until she got a headache. Then she took off the wig and combed it. You cannot comb or brush those wigs. The wig ended up looking like the hair on a fan after a fun night with the band. Her daughter felt really bummed but her birthday is Jan. 2 so we got her a replacement wig.

Got lots of left over food from my friends and family so I don't have to grocery shop for a good week. My nieces and nephews make sure I get the leftovers their mom cooks. Their mom, my sister, likes to experiment with dressing and pies. Unfortunately her experimentations lack the life Frankenstein had. So I sort of do them a favor by taking the leftovers. They really appreciate that.

Hope you all have a happy New Year too!


ame said...

marry x'mas n happy new yeay chumly! :)

Mary said...

I like your "tradition" of putting gifts on the porch. It just seems so appropriate.