Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Holiday?

Is an ecard for the holidays OK to send to friends or is it more proper to send ones thru the mail, in envelopes, with stamps, better? I said, "Happy Holidays," to some one today and they were offended. They wanted a specific holiday greeting. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever country they are from that they are celebrating and their special religion. What is this political correctness stuff all about during the holidays? Now Seinfeld started Festivis, what is that all about and do I have to acknowledge that too? So with all this holiday confusion I have, why is just saying, "Happy Holidays," all of a sudden is not enough? The problem is with the calenders. We need a calender that has all the holidays for all the countries and all the religions listed so we know what to say and when. Maybe I could say, "Have a good day," and leave it at that. I could say, "Happy Unspecific Holiday." I like the holidays though and will probably keep saying, "Happy Holidays," and risk the negative feed back.

What is your holiday? Whatever it is I hope you have a happy one.

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USpace said...

I think ecards for Holidays are much, much better than no cards at all. To send out many cards at all takes time and money, which is easily put off until it's too late. It's easier too in that today we are more likely to have someones email address than their mailing address. I now have a Holiday email list of several hundred, I just send it to myself and BCC everybody else. When I did regular cards the best I could ever do was like 30 cards and that was a real pain to get around too. I mix my personal friends in with business contacts and just blast out a real cool ecard with pictures and stuff.

I hope you are well and that 2008 will be good for you. I love your idea of leaving gifts out on your porch.


we all have our special ones
drink responsibly

world economy depends
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God of the Universe hates

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