Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Battery Acid

It happened like this. I was on my way to a funeral. I was all dressed up and my car would not start. I needed a new battery. The only battery the store had was one that had to be filled with acid and then charged for about an hour. I got the battery and rushed home then filled the battery and put it on the charge. An hour later I still had time to do a quick viewing at the funeral. On the way there it started to rain and I could not find a space near the funeral home so I got wet walking from the car to the funeral home. There I stood in front of the casket all prayerful and solemn like. I noticed people staring at me and looking kind of shocked. I thought they were mourning pretty good. After I paid my respects I went out to walk back to my car. It was then that I noticed that my jacket, pants and shirt were shredding away. I must have gotten battery acid on me and the rain mixed with the acid just ate away my clothes. I then realized that this happened while I was standing in front of the casket and the people were not mourning but in shock watching my clothes melt off my body. I later learned that there is a small hose with the battery that is used to fill the battery with acid. I did not know this and was pouring the acid into those little tiny holes right from the acid container. I must have missed the holes and made a battery acid mess that got on my clothes. Did you ever have this happen to you?

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