Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I am trying to lose a little weight. I do this every now and then for some reason. I might see a pretty girl in church and do a little lusting in the middle of a prayer. Then I feel guilty and light a candle; go home and start a diet. I did not start off too good this time. I went diet food shopping and ended up with these great cup cakes. I have not had cup cakes in a long long time. They looked better than the girl in church. So much for romance. All the cup cakes are gone now. What was interesting was that there was this one big cup cakes in the middle. That is still there but is intensely on my mind. I am trying to plan to eat a little of it at a time and maybe have it a day or two. Then again there were 10 cup cakes surrounding it and my plan was to have one cup cake a day for 10 days. The cup cakes lasted 3 days. Did you ever have a diet plan that just went off the scale, so to speak? Well I hate to see that final cup cake get all stale and stuff so I guess I have some snacking to do.

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Brenna said...

Self-control, when it comes to food, has never been a strong character point for me. I cooked an entire box of spaghetti last night that I planned to share with a friend. He ate one plate full. I ate three. Then I had dessert. I instantly regretted it after my stomach began to hurt, but I doubt I'd do anything differently, were I to do it all over again. One day, I hope to learn to eat in moderate portion sizes. Until then, I just hope to avoid too many more stomachaches.

Glad you enjoyed the cupcakes. In my opinion, they're too delicate and fanciful of food anyway to eat with sensibility or moderation in mind.