Friday, August 04, 2006

Of course we all love him.

I am not what one would consider a Christian Christian but I do like the guy. What bugs me is the lack of respect we have for him as a person. Jesus I mean. Take weddings for instance.

Jesus is my favorite person because he can change water into wine. I was an Alcoholic for years because I thought that is why he changed the water to wine in the first place. I was just waiting around for him to change the water to whiskey once in awhile. I drank whiskey and water because the soda and whiskey gave me hangovers.

Now consider that poor JC is always hanging around on that cross. Mindful of the great and wonderous thing that was, but I think it is about time we cut him a break and took him off the cross for awhile.

Like weddings for instance. Instead of having him hanging on the cross behind the bride and groom maybe we could dress him up all smiles and stuff like he was at the wedding feast in Caanan. He was probably looking good for that wedding and lets face it he had good times too. So maybe a picture of him waving a glass of wine in a toast like manner would be more wedding like then having him hang on the cross.

Baptisms too. These poor kids are being baptized underneath a guy on a cross, no wonder the kids cry. It isn't the water being pored on them, its the cross. So maybe we could have him in a picture with his mom or when he was telling the kids stories.

Now I am not trying to be blastfamous. I am just trying to make for a happier JC.
I love the guy and like I said most people love him. Can't we just be nice to him and remember that, yes there were good times and he wasn't being crucified all the time. When he comes back are we going to ask him to autograph the crucifixion pictures?

One more thing. Chocolate crosses should be banned from Easter Baskets. It's sick and there is no way a sane person should enjoy eating that chocolate.

Other than that, just happy memories. Nuff said.


Jim said...

History Trivia for non-Dummies Blog

Why Grooms Carry Brides across the Threshold
The historical tradition of a groom carrying his bride across the threshold is over 3,000 years old.

It is based on the Rape of the Sabine Women. When you go back this far in history it can become hard to tell myth from history, but the story is an ancient one whose tradition has carried down to the present day.

As newly founded Rome grew in size, its founder Romulus discovered that he had many men but very few women, and that the male population of immigrants to the city was growing rapidly. The Sabines were a people who lived near Rome. They refused to let their daughters intermarry with Romans.

Romulus invited the Sabines to attend games in honor of Neptune in Rome. When they did, bringing their daughters with them, the Romans carried off the young Sabine women, on a pre-arranged signal given by Romulus.

A war between the Sabines and the Romans began. In order to stop the war that began over them the young, kidnapped women intervened. They convinced their Sabine fathers to cease their attack and allow their marriages to the Romans.

The Sabine women attached several conditions to their agreement to marry the Roman men, however. The most noteworthy was that the Roman husband had to carry his Sabine bride across the threshold of their new home.

The ritual was to symbolize that initially the Sabine women were forcibly taken by the Roman men against their will into their homes.

That is the historical reason why bridegrooms still carry their brides across the threshold today. The ritual still takes place after our modern weddings, though most people don't know why they do it. Now you know why.

Source: History of Rome, Livy

Mushroom Ali said...

Owh hello Chumly! Yeah we love him too.

Siamak said...

"When he comes back are we going to ask him to autograph the crucifixion pictures? "

That was very funny!:-)))