Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's behind the Microsoft word......

I was going to cheat. I wrote something awhile ago in my daily thought diary in Microsoft word. I lost it all. Not my mind that went awhile ago also. As you can tell the word for this post is "awhile."

Isn't it something the way people hang on to words sometimes. Like the word "like." Do you know a "like" word person? Does the "like" word person say "like" a lot because deep down in some post traumatic after thought in their life they want to really be liked? Which brings me to the "really" person. We all have met one of them in our lives "really!"

Is it an ethnic thing? Like and really is that like, really a white American thing?

I am a white person. Polish, Irish and German descent stuck with the American citizen stigma because I was born in Pennsylvania, which also makes me a Yankee.

So if you are Black, Asian or Hispanic you probably know people that say other words a lot in your society or whatever. Does that bother you? It really doesn't bother me. You see, I am not good with names but remember a "like" or "really" person a longer time after I meet them more than I can rememeber their name. Sometimes irritating is a good memory tool.

I think I shall think about this "awhile!"


Neto said...

I say 'like' alot. It's so engraved into my conversational speech I can't stop. XD

My step-mom has an annoying habit of saying 'says' alot when explaining conversation.

MzAriez said...

Up here in Minnesota as you get closer to the Canadian border, you get "aye" more often.

Example: Aye, I am washing my car, aye.

Around the rez here, you might hear alot of "ho-wah" instead of "aye".

The exception is at the local schools. I hear alot of "ick" from them.

For me, I still say "cool" way too much, but I am an 80's child. Oh well.

Take care.

Howling Latina said...

Yep, you know what I mean?

Know what I mean?

Know what I mean?

Willena said...

As the mother of two adults and four teens, I would say some of these words belong to the young and upcoming.

What I would like to know is why Canadians have such a reputation for saying "eh". I lived near Toronto Onatario till I was 25, and have lived near Edmonton Alberta for the past 28, and it is rare to hear anyone say "eh".

I mean, I just don't get it, eh? ;-)

angshu said...

'Really' 'like' this one...'I mean to say', 'sort of'...'get me' Chumly?