Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Check, check and double checked

Leaving to visit my grandchildren in North Carolina.
Bought new swim suite for the pool - check.
Got all my old man medicine ready and filled - check.
Enough money in checking - check.
Motel reservations - check.
Car checked out for trip - check.
Mail to be picked up by friends - check.
Got maps and directions - check.
Rosary and prayer book, because you just never know - check.
KY Jelly in case I get lost in a canoe or raft on a stream with Burt Reynolds and he gets hurt and can't help me if I get kidnapped by a bunch of guys that play guitars and banjos in the woods - check.
Cell phone for emergencies - check.
Book on how to use cell phone for emergencies - check.
Tissues or extra toilet paper for those out of the way gas stations that never have the rolls filled - check.
GPS portable navigation hand held thing that I have been trying to figure out for the last 2 weeks and the only thing I learned was how to turn it on and off - check.
Packed clothes, razor, toothbrush etc. - check.
Checked out most beautiful full moon ever - check.
CD's and tapes for entertainment during long drive - check.
Water, snacks and stuff - check.
Full tank of gas - check.
Tools for emergencies and spare tire filled with air - check.
Got in car to start trip and car would not start and now I have to postpone the trip because I had to tow car to garage to get it fixed in morning - check and...........
Check Mate game over.


Kipluck aka: BethAnn, Bob, Mayberry said...

"Book on how to use cell phone for emergencies - check." Ha! That is great.

RYN: Thanks for reading, yeah, my "babies" are the furry variety. My poor mom. She often asks "when am I gonna have grandchildren?" And (as I am not even DATING anybody) I usually say "well, if you think I need to fill a void, I could always get another critter..." and she backs off in a hurry. Someday maybe I will make her happy and give human grandkids like yours, but I am sort of planning on having a hubby first. Soi she better learn to be patient.

Lynn said...

Well I hope this means you are off today!
You never said anything about bug spray, sunblock, or bandaids.
I would take your list plus:
Wet Wipes for any sticky emergency
Sunglasses so I can look cool driving, and they hold my hair back when they are on top of my head
Laptop, for then I can't get to sleep in the uncomfortable hotel bed.
Blackbabies gummie licorice for the drive
Books on Tape/or CD
Whole collection of 50's and 60's music
Lawn Chair for relaxing anywhere
My Pillow, cuz I hate everyone elses
A craft for boredom (that I will never do because I am never bored on trips)
A book( that I will never read, cuz napping is so much better on trips)
Presents for everyone(cuz I would look all yr for special somethings)

::Kara:: said...

ola! como t llamas?

Lynn said...

Hi Chumly,
Thanks for coming by.
The pics I put on my blog for the scavenger hunt were mostly scans of photographs.
We have only had a digital cameral a couple of years.
I used to use a panoramic one. I am scanning all my photographs to keep a digital archive. It is a good idea to have archives saved someplace like a safety deposit box, so the memories are not lost for ever in a flood or fire.
Of course all my good intentions are for not if I dont get them finished and secured before a darn flood or somethin!