Friday, January 26, 2007

Miscast Movies

I think Michael Jackson would have made a better Willie Wonka than Johnny Depp. I also think that Howard Stern would make a great "Spiderman" and Macaully Culkin would be super in "Hannible Rising".

(Please note that some of the names/words in this post may be spelled incorrectly because I do not know how to spell them. They are real entertainers nonetheless).

My reasoning is that actors that are closer in real life to the characters might pull better box office sales.

Like Howard Stern, for instance, pulls people into his web with his new Satellite Radio stuff. Michael and Macaully should be self explanitatory.

I just noticed that "Flyboys" looks like a remake of "Hells Angels"" made by Howard Hughes. This is ok because when Howard made that movie it was like one of the first talking pictures. Also because most of the people who saw the original "Hells Angels" are dead anyway. Even the people that made the "Hells Angel" movie have mostly passed. I only realized this because I just watched the "Aviator." Leo Dicaprio did do a good job, in the "Aviator", but maybe John Travolta could have given it a shot. Provided maybe John T. died in that crash that hit the houses during the test flight. Then again I also like Jack Black as Howard Hughes, now Jack is really crazy.

As for actresses, don't get me started. Rosie O'Donnel in the "Piano" forget about it. Barbara Walters, great Nanny McPhee. These are just a few of my ideas that popped into my head.

I am writing this fast because I was just diagnosed with adult ADD. So I have to get it down before I get distracted and begin writing about something else.

Which reminds me I have to forward some emails before I get bad luck. Like I don't have enough bad luck already with some pain in the butt sending me emails about God. If I don't forward them something will happen to me that will be worse than what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Which is something I don't want to get myself into.

That bible stuff really gets to me, you know.


alviin said...

Hi, what's up? If you're stopping by our blog, maybe you should say more. Serious about the ADD?

Aphix Lewis said...


bergen said...

Thank you for visiting, sir.

lee said...

I think that rosie o'donnell should have been nanny mcphee because she would have had to spend very little time in the make up chair ;).

Ray said...

hey chumly. thx for the comment. looking forward to hear more from ya.

Woo said...

Hello! I was catching up with my friends' blogs and saw that you left a comment for one of them so I decided to check you out. I think you are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the casting. It happens lots that I see people cast as people's relations when they don't look like they came from the same family. Bad foreign accents also make me wonder.

I get some of those God lottery emails too. I just ignore them. )It's why I am so popular with the locals.)

ADD doesn't exist IMHO. WTF is "normal", anyway?

Anonymous said...

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