Monday, February 05, 2007

WYOU for You

The Super Bowl is over and I was watching Criminal Minds on CBS. I got involved in the show and then right when the last few minutes of the show was ready to end. The local TV Station, that advertises WYOU is the Station for You, cut off the ending of Criminal Minds and switched to a local show that people called in to vote for their favorite Super Bowl commercial. It was worse than the time I was right at the peak of a sex act when I found out we parked on train tracks and a train was coming instead of me or her.

So in an apology to David Letterman, but in honor of CBS I wrote the Top 10 things that should be done to the people that cut off the last few minutes of Criminal Minds.

10. Terminate the idots without any severance pay.
9. Transfer them to the Weather Channel.
8. Make them inventory products on one of those 24-hour shows that sells things.
7. They cannot have any more Texas Wieners or pizza for lunch.
(Big things for lunch in my area.)
6. They cannot turn right on a red light when driving.
5. They must be displayed in a stockade in front of the CBS building.
4. Make them ride the Subways in NY wearing only a thong.
3. Have them clean the false teeth for all employees of CBS for 1 year.
2. Make them watch all the Super Bowl commercials from Super Bowl I to
Super Bowl XLI, XLI times.
1. Have them die horrible deaths on all the CSI shows.

If you can think of more feel free to add on. I would not have been so mad but I am a Raiders fan and it was tough enough watching the game without them. Then to cut off Criminal Minds, sorry ref throws a big red flag to WYOU on this one.


fAMOuS said...

I know wutcha mean. I hate it when television programs get interrupted. The best is when the news cuts off the end of a show at 9:52 pm when the news start at 10 pm.

sharkey said...

Here's one you can add..

11. Make them 'human football training dummies'.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Why do TV programmers do this? They need their heads read plus all those things you suggested! Makes you wanna spit, doesn't it?

Peter Chen said...

Hi Chumly,

Just dropping by to thank you for leaving a comment in my post New Blogger Template Tutorial: Adding a second sidebar to your blog and to say that I have responded to your comment.

Peter a.k.a. enviroman
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Hootin'Anni said...

Oh I remember way back long time ago, during the super bowl, the dumped the last few minutes of the game to televise the movie "Heidi"....of course this ages me, and it WAS decades ago, but I do remember that and the big stink the NFL viewers put up the following day.

TV is not too desirable these days because of all the happenings. I agree.

Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm here from Kat's blog where I saw your comment you left for her. And I wanted to drop by and say a big "Howdy Do" from South Texas.

Have a great Tuesday.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Chumly,

Dropping by to thank you for your second comment in my post New Blogger template tutorial: Adding a second sidebar to your blog and to let you know I have responded to your second comment.

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USpace said...

That was damn annoying, I'd forgotten about that until I read this. I had looked away from the TV for a moment, so I wasn't totally sure CBS had screwed up. Idiots, they effed up.

I'm sure a bunch of people called. You should too, we all should, damn it!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
fire the dummies...

Woo said...

#6 is great # 3 is even better! It truly gets under my skin when they do that.

cinamuse said...

Hi Chumly,
That happened to me once while watching an interesting movie. It started late due to some sportscast. The network abruptly ended the unfinished movie to air the locals. It might have been WYOU.

At least we'll have something to look forward to in the re-run season.

Did you enjoy the half-time show?

Hugs to you

Wicked said...

Make them host a bovine intestinal focused episode of dirty jobs??

Chrlane said...

Bathroom attendants? :)