Friday, January 05, 2007


Well my Sad dam blog did not go over too big. I am wondering why only the guards were allowed to bring their cell phones to the hanging though?


I was thinking about words today. Since I use them a lot it was easy to think about them.
I was at this New Years Eve party and the people there were talking about words that seemed innocent but had sexual or other meanings. The word that was the subject of conversation was.

There seemed to be three meanings to this word.

1. Twat: Sound made when one snaps their thumb and finger into the side of some ones head when they do or say something stupid.

2. Twat: Someone who is dumb or stupid.

3. Twat: Part of the female body that babies exit from.

I guess there are other words that have this same problem. Like when someone says they have tennis balls or a football or play baseball. No one really makes a fuss. Forget the sport part and just say balls and a snicker or two arises. Sometimes the snicker has those hidden smiles behind them like someone is talking dirty and you know it but are hiding it.

How do we explain these words to our children and grandchildren? If one is caught talking about this stuff to children, child services or the moral and legal police might get involved. So must we keep quiet and hope young Harry or Sylvia, young children with big eavedropping ears, tells our kids for us? In my case I had 5 older sisters and was the reference guide for many young boys my age who had a lot of questions. Little did they know I was as much in the dark as they but did have first hand knowledge of bras and girdles because of the secret clothes line in our bathroom.

So what words confuse or have confused you. Please list a few here and explain. There are people out there like me that really need to know.


Even words from our Spanish, Asian, European or Alien friends from outer space are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hola !

galnexdor said...


USpace said...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wept
when Saddam was killed

he wanted him pissed on
being dragged through Baghdad

Misty said...

That's not very nice uspace!

Neto said...

I just wanted to reply back to a comment you left on my blog. The book review site. I would highly recommend Coraline to a 12 year old. It's actually being made into a movie. The person that replied back to you is an old friend of mine just trying to be an ass on my site. Sorry.

cinamuse said...

I enjoy clever, subtle word play among friends and lovers. Blatant slang isn't much of a problem for me and i believe honesty is always best when teaching children.

I'm admiring your fine master piece from a distance, Chumly. Your firm yet gentle approach touches me deeply in our warmth of transmissions.

Lynn said...

I can't think of a word that confuses me, but I can decifer any weird Canadian word ..... eh

eh: a word of co acknowledgement. It inferrs support from a fellow man.

eh?: means What? Huh? or Do you agree?

ehhhhhh: a word of enlightenment, meaning " I finally figured it out"

kono said...
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kono said...

some words for you

Anonymous said...

Every so I often get to where if I read a word- any word- too many times, it starts looking all wonky and spelled wrong. So I try saying it out loud, and it sounds all f'ed up, too. Like something I made up. I go nuts for a second looking and looking at it trying to figure out which part of my brain is malfunctioning. It helps to shut the book and return later. :) It's kind of like deja-vue, only for reading and upside down.

I am always myself around my kids. I figure how else will they learn to deal with peculiar people in their lives? LOL! But I admire people with a more disciplined approach. I love disciplined people b/c it rubs off on me a lot and then I feel grounded.