Friday, December 29, 2006

Sad? Dam!

In America we have the death penality in some states. We also have years and years of appeals so sometimes the criminal will die of old age before he actually recieves the death penalty. In fact usually the criminal gets a following, a spot on a television news show and a bunch of bloggers will write about this, now, wonderful criminal sensation.

In Iraq the Americans are now teaching democracy. Since Americans are fluent in democracy they know about the problems that have wormed into the democratic justice process. So we can now see that people in Iraq are learning the new and improved democratic judicial system. Whereas the old democratic policy was to hang 'em at dawn. The new and efficent democratic idea is to hang 'em fast, at night and before the holidays. Then put lots and lots of extra guards around the prision.

The best thing about this new experiment, in democratic justice. Is that the people making these new rules, can sit back and see how many dead guards around the prision it will cost, and how many dead civilians in Iraq will also die for this grand new idea in democracy. If indeed it is worth it.

Is it sad? Dam, not really. All new ideas and experiments will have adverse side effects. As long as we have a large military machine to back it up, what is it if a few dead foreigners or soldiers loose their lives? It is for a good cause, after all and I am sure notes will be taken.

The real problem is what do we do with those nasty people that make the world unsafe for not only democracy, but UN countries that deal in socialism, facism, dictatorships or comunism? Must we all watch these forms of governments that a person has risen up in.? Must we make sure a leader of his/her world only gets power at the expense of people just needing a paycheck and want to make it to work on time? Will all members of the UN approve that country as long as the rest of the world get a piece of the action?

When I grew up it was fashionable for "bad" or "evil" leaders to get justice by offing themselves or being hung upside down with their lovers. After all they deserved it because they caused wars in which thousands and millions of innocent people died. Come to think of it, History seems to show us that most leaders that start wars end up loosing their lives. Napoleon, a few Roman Emporers, Hitler, and some Empires that tried to make their backyard worlds wider. It is a good thing that no wars were ever started in the name of democracy! After all that is why God has always been on the side of democracy right?

So am I sad that they hung that guy? Sad? Dam no. Not for him, just a little for democracy. I just hope that the people celebrate the holidays and have fun. Plus I hope people all over the world can stay employed in jobs they like, get their paychecks, get to work on time and don't give up on democracy. Just keep a better eye on the ones that are trying to improve it.

God bless.


Rounin said...

hola, como estás?

dawnvictoriahanna said...

I'm sad too - sadly just another day in the world. Another News Blurb!! Thanks for your commens about Van Gogh - the world needs more 'colour': Dawn Hanna
Would love to post your Comments about Saddam on my other blog but want your permission - visit my blog and click onto complete profile for Dawnvictoriahanna and add post to BREAKING NEWS - LOVE YOUR COMMENTS!

USpace said...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
admire brutal dictators

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
mourn evil tyrants...

USpace said...

I knew you were kidding, I was just being absurd.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe sings

if there is a BIG bad HELL
Saddam's registered by NOW

Anonymous said...

I guess i'm not from your country so the whole damn war seemed absurd to begin with. Not only are your own soldiers dying in this rediculous thing, it is estimatd that 3000 Iraques are dying per month God is not man and man is not God but the God George Bush pretends to support is all forgiving. Public hangings went out of fashion along time ago its ashame youtube or whoever can bring it back in an instant.
Public floggings, stoning and bear baiting - all goog fun and entertainment. Sorry - my God is also the od of Saddam. Judgement is still at hand and God is still in his thrown
I guess from my point of view I dunno who the real Dictator is?