Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have not written in awhile because I have been expanding my life. Actually the only thing that has really been expanding is my girth. I don't know why I picked the word girth? It just came to me.

I am reading more and trying to expand my mind. I bought the "DiVinci Code", paperback, and ended up watching the movie first. It was interesting to learn that the future children of Jesus and Mary could drive small cars backwards really well!

I still have not read the book but that is because I am reading "A Treasury of Royal Scandals". I have to admit those Royals and their Scandals are pretty interesting. I think the History Channel should have a Royal Scandal series. Before I read this I read "A Treasury of Great American Scandals." I am proud to report that American Scandals are just as good as the Royal ones in England. I must admit though American Scandals have less violent ends. Sometimes.

I have come to the conclusion that the Universe may be expanding and expanding but we humans have expansion limits. I mean the people that make jeans have a limit to how big the pant holes we put our legs in can be. There are larger sizes and they are called sweat pants. For some reason sweat pant sizes are limitless. I remember a time when people wore sweat pants for exercise. Now it is a fashion statement for the large person. I tend to go for the dark colors.

Hopefully my vacation is over and I can get back to blogging again. Since very few if any people read this I will not be under a lot of pressure. Still it is good to be back. At least for today.


Shelly said...

You have an interesting blog with a unique voice. Keep at it. I enjoyed my visit.

Lynn said...

I still keep coming back.

I am back with avengence this time.

I was tagged.
So I am tagging you.

Visit me blog and try on the meme of 6 weird things about me.

Thanks for playing

Lynn said...

For You:

plum_flummoxed said... comes some pressure...LOTS of pressure!!!!! (hee hee) or rather (ho ho)

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