Tuesday, October 31, 2006

After it is over.

When I die I want to be a ghost. I want to go to the light and all that stuff, but I want to be a ghost first. There are a few places I would like to haunt and a few people that would be fun to hang around and scare. I want to walk thru a few walls and stuff. I like this time of year and all the scarey stuff. I have been watching all the stories about hauntings on TV and I would like to be investigated. I would have a good time moving things around and being a ghost on TV. I would not be a bad ghost just kind of a mildly scarey one.

Being a ghost I would not have to worry about going to work to pay for rent or food and drink. I could take my time and enjoy the places I like without being rushed. There are places I could go to and not have to worry about bus schedules, or planes crashing, running out of gas, or the car breaking down and things like that.

I don't think I would hang around womens shower rooms, because I am kind of shy about stuff like that. I must admit I would peek though, just because. Which would probably keep me from going to the light.

Flying would be kind of fun. I think ghosts fly? If they can walk thru walls they should be able to fly. I would like to be a thin ghost. I am kind of heavy now and want to lose some pounds. I wonder if being a ghost I could pick the age I felt my best, thinnest and healthiest. Although if I was dead healthy would not be something I could be.

I would not want to hang around haunted houses that already have ghosts in them. From what I saw on TV I don't think I would get along with the really bad ghosts that killed people in their past lives. I would mostly hang around the people that just died naturally and became ghosts.

I might haunt the computer and scare the people that did not leave comments on my posts but that would not be ethical and I don't want to be that kind of ghost either.

Just in case though, let me know if you want to be a ghost too, or not. I promise I won't bother you after I am gone. Do you think a ghost can keep a promise?


Lynn said...
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Lynn said...

Oh yes I would like to be a ghost. A helpful spirit that can educate a mortal. Oh yeah! I am there! I want to be a taller ghost. I know I would be able to fly, but I really want to see what is on top of the fridge!

I posted halloween party pics cuz you asked. I have a trick and a treat!


Anonymous said...

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Lynn said...

Hey Hey,

Could you drop by my blog and help me help a friend?

Lynn said...

I have created a swap for women and men to participate in. It is a cheapy one, yet will be fun.
Wanna join The Three Pin Shuffle?

Lynn said...

In a slump? Is the winter closin in gettin to ya?
How can you help? A few posts earlier than the currant one there is a photo of a baby that is in a photo contest. If you could vote for her for me I would appreciate it. I explain it on the post.
Also I am doing a pin exchange. I wanted to choose something the guys could participate in too. Us women are in knitting exchanges, pattern exchanges gift exchanges...but so far most of the themes have been girl oriented. So this time I thought of a pin exchange. Three pins. One of your country flag, plus two more. If you can find a state one and a fun one they would work. The details are on the top of my front page called The Three Pin Shuffle.
Hope you are out of your slump soon. I had a slump too. Could post but didn't have the energy to read. Had an infection in my eye and the darn thing pooped me right out!

Bonnie B said...

I don't know if I'd want to be a ghost. I might be tempted to spy on my kids and that would not be good-- no mother really wants to know what her kids are up to

Max Estrella said...

I don't really think a ghost would keep a promise. So, in order to avoid any future computer haunting or some unexpected scare... I've decided to test my english level and write a comment in your blog.
Thanks also for visiting mine, and write your "Hola". Your spanish level over one word is great. Hope to see you soon again. I'll be back. Regards from Spain.