Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just for you.

Every now and then a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek, or a job well done is a nice thing to get, feel and hear.

So today just for you.

I have a great pat on the back for you to get.

A big kiss on the cheek for you to feel.

A job well done for you to hear.

Be special today because you are.

What the heck, have a hug too!


Randandilly said...

Hello Mr.Chumly I found you through a friends blog. I thought you might be interested in staying in touch with us opposite countryside bloggers. If you trully are 54, you seem tuelly wise and pretty deep. And we're just a bunch of deep private school teen who care about life in all it's sacred meanings. (though confusing at a time or two in teenage life today.) Check out my blogg I think you'll really like it! You have enjoyed life it seem. Don't worry I know its not easy but I thought it would maybe cheer you up to see some teens with ome class, and brain... We're not all that bad.

Randandilly said...

A life of loss,paying more than it costs.
This dreary world,supporting dull lives.
Only all this is true,when we're misconstrued,
by the moral decay, which we face today.

Yo, chumly just a little poem.
Hey I forgot to mention yours was cute too. And by the way this is a male of 16 in 5 days.

Lynn said...

Ok well I am not sure what the above comments mean.
I like the piece.
It is a really interesting friendship testimony.
I can imagine you saying that you your kids or grandkids.
That is what I am imagining when I read it.
My Dad would say this too.