Friday, December 22, 2006

I want I want I want!!!

For Christmas I want:

To know if there really are aliens in outer space visiting earth.

To know where the Rainbow is that has that pot of gold at the end of.

To be the perfect weight, forever.

To not have to depend on Viagria.

To have someone to not have to depend on Viagria with, preferably female.

To know if Jesus and Mary Magdeline were really married, and where are they living now so I can send them a wedding present.

To get healthy, lose weight, wealthy, win a big lottery, and wise, use my health and wealth to benefit my family and friends. In otherwords a big bath tub or spa thing and no more beer gut.

To be able to speak and understand all languages so I can freak out people that think I cannot speak or understand the language they are speaking.

To actually get the Christmas presents that people want.

To be with family and friends and take home lots and lots of leftover stuffing.

All wars to stop forever and all the soldiers come home.

To know what you want for Christmas and post it here.


c_c_rider said...

i like your list. ditto on the all wars to stop forever and getting people the present they really want.

i think i also would like to be able to speak all languages, and send jesus and mary magdeline a present.

happy holidays

Joseph Ryan said...

My dreams are always strange.

But the strangest dreams are woven from pure snow:

"The Cosmos is all there is, or was, or ever will be."

- Carl Sagan –

Have a good christmas.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Chumly!
Good morning!

I wish I can go to bed so that I can wake up next day to find out that over the night I turned into the wind. So that I can fly away and follow my love everywhere she goes. I wish impossible things, because they are the only way that we stay alive. I continue dreaming because without dreams we don't exist.

VoilĂ ! C'est tout pour moment!

Have a nice day, night and next year!


Le vent = the Wind

Team Brit'naire said...

I used to think that all things are good for the good i.e. "Omnia bona bonis". But with sarting of 2007 started to think that it's not so (after being cheated).

So I want that no one cheats or hurts others.

Anonymous said...

I can't help noticing that everybody avoided the Viagra comment. I am thinking here's an invitation to pry into your personal affairs. Like why do you need the Viagra? Is it malfunctioning or are you screwing people you don't get into? And if so-- ewwww.

I usually have a hard time getting a guy to leave me alone!