Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy 2007

I have been waiting for 2007 because 2006 was really bad. Not as bad as 2005, but it is up there in the top ten worst years of my life.

Not to say that the good times were absent. Oh! Yes there were good times. Just not as many as I would have liked. I lost a few friends that turned out not to be really true friends. I also found great friends that stood by me when I had troubles and gave me the support to continue to go on. I met new people and made new friends.

A young soldier I knew came back from Iraq. Before Iraq he was stationed in Afganistan. I am happy he is home safe. Which started a conversation among my friends, and his, that went like this, "If the draft in put back in place will President Bushes daughters names be on that list of future draftees?"

That is not what I really want to write about. I am sure many many people have lost people (friends) in their lives and found new ones or just appreciated the ones they have. No, what I want to talk about is what is usually on peoples minds right about now. You guessed it, those New Years Resolutions. I made up a few I know I can keep:


Treat myself to ice cream for no real occasion.

Check out pretty women to exercise my eyes.

Use my imagination and pretend that I am my own reality show just for fun.

Make sure I go to at least one fast food place, like McDonalds or Burger King etc.

Go to the Mall and make a silly purchse that makes me feel good at least once.

Hug my grandchildren, my friends and any body else I feel needs a hug.

Spend time on my computer and just have fun.

Ride my motorcycle with my friends and enjoy the feeling I always get when I do it.

Believe in Aliens, ghosts and anything else I want to believe in.

Drink chocolate milk and make milk shakes with chocolate ice cream and whip cream when the mood calls for one.

Listen to music in my car or home and sing along with the tunes, or just sing even without music playing.

Only throw the finger once at drivers that make me mad. Twice if they really really make me mad.

These are just a few I KNOW I can keep. How about you? Let me know what resolutions you can think of that you will have no problem at all keeping.


Anne Blythe said...

Do you mean you don't do these things now?

Lovely blog. I don't know why but your blog makes me think of a warm house in the middle of heaps of snow with a cosy fire flickering inside.

Wayward Wayfarer said...
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Wayward Wayfarer said...

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cinamuse said...

Happy 007, Chumly.

Thanks for making my night with your kind words and surprise visit, leading me to this friendly realm. Your sincere style conveys your warmth, clever wit and intelligence so well. I'm enjoying your entries.

One of the things i'd like to do this year is touch you as you've touched me, maybe share bits of the tragicomedy of living as we get to know each other better in the new year.

USpace said...

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