Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Simply simple!

I was jogging around the internet and decided to return to my blog which I was suprised to find that 3 people read one of my blogs. Of course I did not understand the one about the trees but hey! I also discovered some people have trouble with the term "simply." What is the problem with simply being a simple person with a simple mind about simple things? Must everyone who writes on the Internet have some profound message? I just like to mess around with words and ideas and let my simple imagination fly. To me the greatest thing about the Internet Blog thing is that people can be free with their simple thoughts and simple words. That doesn't mean that I am adverse to intelligent thoughts and philosophical ideas that are only for the elite minds of the Internet. I just have more fun admitting I know simply nothing and have simply nothing to offer but just a fun time to write some simple stuff simply.

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